PENGEMBANGAN INDUSTRI KECIL (Studi Kasus Industri Bordir Kecamatan Sedan Kabupaten Rembang)

Muhammad Tahwin


Developing of small scale industry depends not only on the government policies but also the
industrialist, it is the ability of the industrialist to compete their products (quality and
quantity). So, the industrialist of the small scale industry have to follow the concrete steps to
endure the existence of their business. One of the small and intermediate scale industry is
Brodir Industry. Brodir industry has special characteristic, because it is the Indonesian culture
which always exists consistency. Brodir belongs to consumer’s goods. It is shopping goods that
belong to heterogeneous shopping goods, because the characteristic is more important than
price aspect for the consumers. In other words, the consumers have different perceptions about
the qualities and attributes. So, developing of Brodir craftsmen have to considers the relevancy
between the craftsmen needs and the program carried out.
Key Words: Craftsmen, Developing.

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